Aurora-Grafton Staat Mod

Aurora Medical Center, a 550 square-foot hospital opened in Grafton, WI in 201o. The facility expanded two years later to include a 30,000 square-foot outpatient cancer center. In September of 2021, another addition was completed. This 8,632 square-foot expansion added 16 patient observation beds, a nurse station, bathrooms, staff lounge and service areas to the existing medical center. With COVID top of mind, the expansion allowed for the addition of negative-pressure rooms for treating COVID-specific patients. By completing this expansion, Aurora Medical Center was able to increase capacity quickly and continue safe, high-quality, compassionate care in Grafton and surrounding communities.

Working with the general contractor, Boldt, Mavid Construction installed the ceilings and flooring. The flooring team installed approximately 1,000 square yards of commercial welded sheet vinyl, including specialty materials such as Mondo and Alto, which required installers to have product specific installation training certifications. The ceiling crew of 1-2 installers worked for approximately 2-3 weeks (on and off for two days) at the Manitowoc pod fabrication center and then 1 week for the final installation in Grafton. In total, the team installed 7,000 square feet of grid and tile.

In total, 24 modular units were prefabricated in two prefabrication facilities in less than 5 weeks. These modular units, called Staat Mods, addressed the needs of communities due to their high level of customization and the speed at which they could be delivered and made operational.