Commercial Doors and Hardware

Posted August 6, 2018

Mavid Construction knows that choosing the right doors and hardware for your commercial facility depends on a unique set of considerations and specifications. Your facility’s doors must not only satisfy safety and design standards, but they also must comply with local building codes, fire standards/insulation and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. A lot goes into choosing the right door systems and we do not take that for granted.

Mavid Construction takes pride in listening to and working with our clients so that we can deliver a commercial door and hardware system that meets all the project needs and the owner’s expectations.

Mavid Construction provides the following Door and Hardware products:

  • Stainless steel doors and frames
  • Hollow metal doors and windows
  • Architectural hardware
  • Custom hollow metal doors and frames
  • Hollow core wood doors (FSC certified available)
  • Fiberglass doors and frames
  • Toilet partitions
  • Bath accessories

To see examples of our work, visit our Projects page.