Oneida ESC Group: A Mavid Partnership

Posted August 13, 2021

2021 Summer Intern Madi Winter spent time both in the field and in the office. She spent some time writing up her different experiences, including meeting with long-time Mavid Construction partner, Oneida ESC Group.

I had the opportunity to meet Matt Kunstman, the General Manager from Oneida Engineering Solutions, and Sara Bushie, a previous Project Manager from Mission Support Services. Oneida Engineering Solutions and Mission Support Services are a part of Oneida ESC Group, a General Contractor of Mavid Construction. During my conversations, I was able to discover how they ended up in the construction industry with the positions they have today along with a few lessons learned. They offered a variety of valuable advice along with sharing the duties and responsibilities they hold in their positions.

For a little background, Oneida ESC group is owned by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and focuses on engineering, science, and construction services. Oneida ESC works closely with Mavid Construction on several Tribal Reservation projects across Wisconsin to help preserve and restore. Oneida ESC Group is made up of 4 companies:

Mission Support Services

Construction, construction management, and technical services with a commitment to mission support.

Total Integrated Enterprises

Infrastructure engineering design, environmental science, construction management, and munitions response services.

Sustainment and Restoration Services

Environmental science and remediation services.

Engineering Solutions

Disadvantaged business enterprise that specializes in transportation planning, engineering design, and construction management.

These 4 sister companies have a common mission to:

“Preserve, restore, and enhance the natural and constructed environment for future generations through successful project delivery using a cost-effective and safety-driven focus.”

Not only is Oneida ESC preserving the environment for future generations, but also supporting the Oneida Nation through financial contributions. These include scholarships, engineering camps, and elder services which give back to the sustainability of the local community.

Throughout the summer, I have been able to learn so much from the people I’ve met. Their unique experiences always reveal something new that I am able to learn from. As a senior in college, I only have a year before I officially enter the workforce full time, so being able to hear and learn from other’s paths has been so valuable. It’s important that I continue to build relationships throughout the industry even as an Intern. It’s about who you know, and the better the relationships and communications you have throughout the industry, the more successful you’ll be at the end of projects and projects in the future. I am grateful for the advice, from not only my coworkers at Mavid, but also the people I’ve met at Oneida ESC Group.

Mavid Construction is a proud subcontractor of Oneida ESC Group. Being a Native American-owned company, Mavid strives to provide for Tribes and UW systems all over Wisconsin. Their commitment to the community is driven by their genuine desire to develop and restore the community they grew up in.

Recent projects Mavid and Oneida ESC completed:

Oneida Casino

Green Valley Elder Village