Mavid Construction attends Annual AGC Convention

Posted July 26, 2021

General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Suppliers from all over the state came together for the 2021 Annual Associated General Contractors Convention held in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on July 21st. This event was accompanied by guest lectures that discussed prevalent issues in construction and what to expect in the future.

The first lecture, “The Decade Ahead” talked about the innovation of the computer program BIM (Building Information Modeling) for the next generations to come. BIM is a digital representation of construction plans. This 3D model represents the physical and functional characteristics of a building and helps detect problems or failures in the design before it’s built. Along with this, the speaker explained the utilization of DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly). DfMA relates specifically to the Integrative Design Process. Integrative Design is a design approach that emphasizes the ability to collaborate. This includes critical thinking, questioning, and deep analysis of construction processes. Therefore, DfMA produces more efficient manufactured products and that then correlates to the efficiency of assembling those products which overall contributes to a higher success rate.

Many of these discussions revolved around robotics assisting in these methods and the development they have planned for the future. As part of the younger generation, Intern Madi Winter, who attended the seminar shared her thoughts.

“At first thought, I was not a fan of robotics, however, the speaker explained that the role of humans and our analysis of these robots still will play a big role in the process. I think it is important to come around on the idea if it eventually saves time, money, and the planet.”

The speaker described that the robotics technology at this stage isn’t making your fastest installer faster, but it’s making your slowest installer as fast as your fastest.

Throughout the lecture, the concept of “diversity of minds” was continually brought to attention. Many times, in the construction industry, we are always looking for someone who “thinks like us,” “works in the way we like things,” but the real question is, “why?” Why do we want to have someone who thinks exactly like us? How would that get us farther? This is an important thought to develop from your own company’s perspective. For more perspective and ideas relating to these topics, reference the end of this blog for recommended books by the speaker.

AGC also had a very impactful “SHE Builds” seminar with a panel of women from across Wisconsin. These women talked about their struggles along with the respect they had to gain from their male coworkers. As a woman in construction, Intern, Madi Winter, went on to state,

It was easy to relate to the experiences they exploited and as being the 1 of 3 women at the convention of 150, it was very obvious to see the problems they were talking about were authentic and prevalent.

After working on a crew for only a short amount of time, it’s hard not to be passionate about the development of women in the industry in a positive way.”

Books recommended during the lectures: The Infinite Game: Simon Sinek, Range: David Epstein, Think Again: Adam Grant, and Originals: Adam Grant.

Mavid Construction is proud to be an active member of the Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin and participate in this event. This foundation is the leading professional trade association for commercial construction and its programs dedicate solutions to evolving issues that impact the future of construction in Wisconsin. 

Mavid especially appreciates the AGC’s passion and commitment to the development of the future workforce. The “Education Foundation” is a charity the AGC promotes to help expose and promote the benefits and advantages the construction industry has to offer. This year at the 2021 annual convention they raised money through a golf outing at Blackwolf Run. Over the years, they have donated over a million dollars towards young adults to help educate and provide options for future careers or experiences for them to participate in.

Overall, the event is always a success and provides contractors with important information to spread and develop throughout their companies and the industry in general.