Job site COVID-19 safety practices a high priority

Posted November 5, 2020

The last year has been different for everyone. Between keeping hygiene and masking a priority on the job site, construction crews are working hard to keep building while staying healthy during the threat of COVID-19. Mavid Construction has taken a number of initiatives to ensure the safety of its crews throughout the Midwest during the global pandemic.

“We have seen a lot of success with our crew members wearing masks, working in small groups, and distancing as much as possible” Managing Member Zoar Fulwilder said. “We have to keep up on our projects, so having proper rules in place has been extremely helpful to us staying healthy and on schedule with our builds.”

Currently, Mavid Construction is working at Aurora Medical Center Sheboygan, the largest job in the company’s history. With three divisions including Walls and Ceilings, Glass and Glazing, and Commercial Flooring all working simultaneously from Mavid Construction alone, there are more than 150 crew members on-site every day, and more are to come.

“Obviously, people will get sick during a pandemic, but we are very happy with how everyone on this job site have worked together to follow the safety standards,” Fulwilder said.

Mavid has been working closely with the general contractor on the job, Mortenson Construction, to ensure all trades are working safely together. Overall, Mavid has seen very few crew members need to get a test or get sick from COVID-19.

While Aurora is the company’s largest job, Mavid Consturuction is employing COVID-19 safety standards company wide.

“With the help of our safety team, we have been closely watching the CDC’s workplace recommendations for construction workers and making changes as necessary,” Fulwilder said.